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Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park

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Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park is a 6,451 ha space where visitors can delve right into nature. It is one of the most emblematic territories in the Region of Valencia, and it is not surprising as it possesses environmental, scenic and sociocultural resources of special relevance and interest. This protected area is located in the northwestern part of the province of Valencia, between the regions of Plana Utiel-Requena and Los Serranos.

The site is proud to be the headquarters of the first Geological Park in the Region of Valencia with part of the park located within the municipal boundary of "Sierra Negrete" as a Site of Community Importance (SIC). Visitors fall in love with its abrupt and mountainous relief located inside an enormous graben. Also noteworthy are its gorges and ravines such as La Hoz, a narrow ravine, location of the Fraile River ravine, also of great beauty, and the most important peaks such as Pico Ropé (1,136 m) and Cinco Pinos (1,171 m).

For visitors interested in birdwatching tourism, you can see different species of birds of prey, most notably, the griffon vulture, a species worth observing in this magnificent setting.

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Main species

Residents: Bonelli’s eagle, golden eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, peregrine falcon, white-throated dipper, and griffon vulture. 

Winter: Pilgrim falcon, royal herons, water cock, common kingfisher and cormorants. 

Recommended seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter.


- Camping area

- Recreational area 

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Birdwatching points of interest 

- Buseo reservoir 

- Riu Sot

Parque Natural de Chera-Sot de Chera

Open location
Oficina Técnica de Chera - 96 233 21 88
Oficina Técnica de Sot de Chera - 96 234 81 25 / 606 85 70 28
Tourist Info Requena: 962 30 38 51
Tourist Info Chulilla: 961 65 79 79
Oficina Técnica de Chera C/ La Fuente, 52 - 46350 Chera 
Oficina Técnica de Sot de Chera C/ Valencia, 13 - 46168 Sot de Chera