Inland mountain ranges

Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park

La Pobla de Benifassà


This is the northernmost natural park in the Region of Valencia. It is a purely wild and mountainous environment that borders the provinces of Tarragona and Teruel, including the towns of La Pobla de Benifass, Castell de Cabres, Fredes and Bellestar. This rugged landscape is dominated by a continuum of buttes with very steep slopes, which gives it an irregular topography.

The existing vegetation is very well structured, mainly due to the difference in temperatures caused by the elevational diversity gradient. This reserve has some of the best-preserved forests in the Region of Valencia, featuring oak groves in the less coastal areas, and black pine forests with their undergrowth and scots pine forests in the highest, most humid areas, making it the perfect environment for birding and hiking. 

As for the bird fauna, the presence of birds of prey and forest birds is worth mentioning; there is also a rubbish tip, where many of the scavenger birds can be observed.

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Main species

Residents: Griffon vulture, Eurasian jay, golden eagle, great tit, great spotted woodpecker, chaffinch, blue rock thrush, goldcrest, European robin, red-billed chough, Cetti's warbler, Eurasian crag martin and common kestrel. 

Summer: European bee-eater, black kite, Egyptian vulture, Eurasian hoopoe, booted eagle and common house martin.

Winter: Sardinian warbler, European goldfinch, great cormorant, white wagtail and common kingfisher.  

Recommended seasons

Spring and autumn


- Car park

- Bird observatory 

- Rubbish tip

- Recreational area

- Nearby accommodations

- Bird hide

- Interpretive routes and trails

- Interpretation centre 

Birdwatching points of interest

- Scavenger bird observatory - Mas de Boix rubbish tip 

- Ballestar-Ulldecona Reservoir itinerary

- Pallerols Sanctuary

- Fredes-Mas de Pixón-Solà d'en Brull-La Tenalla Forest House (La Tenalla)

- El Boixar Country House - La Roureda Country House


Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (it is recommended to check the opening hours in advance).

Parque Natural Tinença de Benifassà

Open location
Centro de Interpretación del PN - 964 71 57 20 / 650 41 24 97
Tourist Info Tineça de Benifassà - 977 72 90 36 / 977 72 90 51

P.N. de la Tinença de Benifassà (Centro de Interpretación) -  C\ Trascasa, 2  El Ballestar - 12599 Castelló