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Association of birding guides of the Region of Valencia

The Association of Birding Guides of the Region of Valencia is a non-profit association, made up of Nature Tourism professionals specialising in Ornithological Tourism (Birdwatching or Birding).

All the members of the Association work as birding guides, a task that involves great knowledge of birds and the territory in which they live.

All of the members are strongly committed to the conservation of birds and their habitats and participate in various research and/or conservation projects in our geographical area.


The main values of the Association notably include a commitment to the development of a type of ornithological or birding tourism that is sustainable and engaged with the environment where we work.

At the same time, the members have become deeply involved in promoting the Region of Valencia as a birding destination and putting it on the national and international map.


Stand Comunitat Valenciana en Birdfair, Rutland (UK)

The Region of Valencia’s stand at Birdfair, Rutland (UK)

The objectives of the Association may be summarised as follows:

1. To promote, manage and organise any type of ornithological tourism activities.

2. To promote sustainable, responsible and professional ornithological tourism in the Region of Valencia.

3. To disseminate and publicise the natural resources and biodiversity of the Region of Valencia.

4. To act as a link between the private sector, the authorities and NGOs within the field of ornithological tourism.

The Association’s main workstreams include some activities that all members do to fulfil our aims, such as participation at conferences or any type of event related to ornithological tourism on a national and international level. Members also hold meetings with both the authorities and conservation associations to guarantee sustainable and integrated ornithological tourism.

In turn, members promote the holding of conferences, talks, workshops and events as a tool to disseminate the natural resources and biodiversity of the Region of Valencia.

Bird watching, birding or ornithological tourism is a form of ecotourism distinguished by its sustainability and respect for the natural environment, it reduces the seasonal nature of tourism, it differentiates and it serves as an ideal complement to traditional “sun and sand” tourism.

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