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"Rambla Celumbres" Municipal Nature Reserve



"Rambla Celumbres" Municipal Nature Reserve is located where the towns of Castellfort, Cinctorres and Portell de Morella converge in the region of Els Ports (Castellón). It occupies a total area of 1,194.40 ha and is characterised as an area of special interest, both for its ecological and scenic value, as well as its historical and cultural heritage.

At present this reserve is adapted for the recreational use and relaxation of its visitors. Thanks to its good state of conservation, it is home to plant species that give life to a unique setting. One of the most attractive areas is the stream bed, where you can observe cliffs and other types of scenic landmarks. 

Most interesting species

Residents: Griffon vulture, golden eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, peregrine falcon, common raven, western jackdaw, red-billed chough, common buzzard, northern goshawk, tawny owl, Eurasian sparrowhawk, blue rock thrush, Eurasian crag martin, European jay, chaffinch and great spotted woodpecker.

Summer: Egyptian vulture, booted eagle, common rock thrush and European pied flycatcher.

Winter: Alpine accentor, citril finch, Eurasian siskin and mistle thrush.

Birdwatching points of interest

To access the bird watching route, take CV-125 which connects the towns of Portell de Morella and Cinctorres. Once there, you will see the sign for the entrance to the Reserve at kilometre point 18.5, where we will start the tour.

Once the car is parked, we will descend along the road and after a little less than 1 km we will turn right to look out with great caution onto Rambla Celumbres (1).

From this point, we can observe a great variety of rock-dwelling species including the griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, peregrine falcon, red-billed chough, blue rock thrush and the Eurasian crag martin.

The best way to view the birds is with the use of a telescope and to visit the reserve at dawn, when you can enjoy the time of day when the sun's rays illuminate Roca Roja (Red Rock). If you would also like to observe some of the forest species, it is recommended that you continue along the road to Barranc de la Barcella. (2)  

Accommodation and restaurant

Portell de Morella and Cinctorres are the two closest towns with establishments where you can get something to eat and find a place to sleep.

Paraje Natural Municipal Rambla de Celumbres

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Tourist Info Cinctorres - 964 18 14 28
Tourist Info Cictorres - Plaza Nueva, 6, 12318 Cinctorres, Castellón