Birding in the Region of Valencia - Tabarca
Birding in the Region of Valencia


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Specialists in bird tourism in the "Wetlands of the South of Alicante” (Natural Parks of Hondo, Salinas and La Mata among others), we also help you discover ancient Albufera territories formerly crossed by Phoenician ships, agrarian landscape that is heir to the Roman and Arab centuriation, with a Palm Grove and hydraulic heritage still in use today and unique in the world, and which safeguard several UNESCO honourable mentions.

As an Active Tourism Company and Complementary Tourist Offering, our routes are full of flavours and scents depending on the season. Trails and land, water and air activities, with our hot air balloon that will activate you. In addition, enjoy rest and well-being as you try our best local products, wines and traditional spirits.

In short, we offer nature tourism that combines the natural aspects of the environment (Natural Parks) with sport (bike routes, hiking, balloon rides, car rides, etc.) and cultural activities (museum visits, monuments, gastronomic tours with tastings in oil mills and wineries, agrotourism routes and white palm and esparto workshops).

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