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Birdwatching route in Ayora - Ascent of Montemayor


Ayora, located in the interior of the province of Valencia, is the second largest municipal area in the Region of Valencia (more than 448 km2), and it offers you the chance to find and enjoy a wide variety of fauna.

The birdwatching route is the same as the Ascent to Montemayor hiking route. It is a circular route, although it can be linear if you don’t have much time. This route begins on the outskirts of the town, next to the Schools’ sports fields, where there’s an information panel. Crossing an area of chalets and country houses, we move towards a fork where we must turn right.

Along this path we’ll approach CV440 until we’re parallel to it for a while, following the signs (yellow marks) and we’ll gradually approach the base of Montemayor. In this section we will mainly enjoy a landscape of olive and almond groves with birds linked to these rain-fed crops (goldfinches, greens, flycatchers, warblers, starlings, hoopoes...).

When we reach the foothills of the mountain we leave behind the crops and also abandon the path to access a trail which, between pine forest and scrubland, will accompany us until we reach the top. During the ascent we will be accompanied by coal tits, blue tit, treecreeper, booted eagle...

At the summit of Montemayor (1,108m) we will enjoy the impressive views of the 4 cardinal points where we can see the main geographical features of the area (including SPA and SCI areas). 

Main bird species

Residents: Peregrine falcon, blue rock thrush, wood pigeon, jay, blackcap, golden eagle, stonechat, short-toed treecreeper, common buzzard, crow, common raven, Dartford warbler, blue tit, linnet, coal tit, red-legged partridge, etc. 

Summer: Eurasian crag martin, short-toed eagle, common swift, pallid swift, common buzzard, Dartford warbler, etc. 

Winter: Black redstart and common linnet, etc. 


The town of Ayora has various rural accommodation where you can spend the night and numerous bars and restaurants where you can taste Ayora cuisine. We can find more information at the Ayora tourist office.


Subida al Montemayor - Ruta ornitológica de Ayora

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