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Illes Columbretes Natural Park

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Illes Columbretes Natural Park is an authentic archipelago located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a protected nature reserve which limits and controls the people who visit it, managing to keep the area as unspoilt as possible.  It is home to different plant species and animals of special interest. 

It is located just 50 kilometres from the city of Castellón, halfway between the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Its volcanic origin gave way to a set of islands and islets that can be contemplated from our territory, including: Illa Grossa or Illot Gran, La Forada or El Carallot. They form an emerged area of 21 hectares, and a much larger submerged area of 4,434 hectares.

Curiously, the name of this archipelago comes from the large number of snakes that dwelled on these islands and are now extinct. Today we can find bird species such as the Audouin's gull, Eleonora's falcon and Scopoli's shearwater. These islands act as a key point during the spring and autumn migratory crossings for the birds that cross the Mediterranean between Europe and Africa, as they are the perfect place to rest and gain strength before setting out on their journey again.

Due to the fragility of the environment, only l'Illa Grossa can be visited, and there is a small guided tour. The visits are usually carried out in the company of a park ranger or monitor and with a limited number of places available daily. 

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Main species

ResidentsAudouin's gull, yellow-legged gull, European storm petrel and European shag.

SummerEleonora's falcon and Scopoli's shearwater.

WinterPeregrine falcon (occasionally).

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- Interpretation centre

Visiting hours in castellon: the exhibition operates on the same schedule as the planetarium, closed mondays; the natural park office is open to the public in the mornings from tuesday to friday. The office may be occasionally closed due to certain activities or events.

Telephone: Centro de Información del PN - 964 28 89 12 / 964 73 23 86
Tourist Info Grao de Castellón - 902 20 31 30
Tourist Info Oropesa del Mar - 964 31 23 20

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resource address:
Centro de Información de la Reserva Natural de les Illes Columbretes (Planetario de Castellón) Paseo Marítimo, 1 (12100 - Grau de Castelló). 


Parque Natural de les Illes Columbretes

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