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Penyagolosa Natural Park

Vistabella del Maestrat


Penyagolosa Natural Park is located between the administrative territories of Vistabella del Maestrat, Xodos and Villahermosa del Río. This landscape is composed of a mountainous massif that is home to one of the highest peaks in the Region of Valencia "El Penyagolosa".  With an elevation of 1,814 m, it is known as the roof of our territory, only surpassed by El Alto de las Barracas (Cerro Calderón). 

It is the perfect place for hiking where different types of vegetation can be observed. Due to the effect of the altitude gradient, the landscape changes as it ascends, with forests of Aleppo pine dominating at lower elevations and replaced by Holm oak and Valencian oak formations with black pine forests as the altitude increases.

In addition, if we venture to climb this Natural Park, we will see there is a more continental climate at the higher altitudes, featuring Spanish juniper and Pyrenean oak in carbonated soils. It is an ideal area for bird watching, with a forest ecosystem where large birds of prey can be observed including: the golden eagle, Bonelli's eagle, booted eagle, peregrine falcon or the Eurasian eagle-owl.

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Main species 

Residents: Crossbill, Eurasian blue tit, coal tit, great spotted woodpecker, golden owl, Eurasian eagle-owl and Bonelli’s eagle. 

Summer: Booted eagle.

Winter: Goldcrest, European robin, dunnock, peregrine falcon.

Recommended seasons 

Spring, autumn and winter.


- Visitor Centre

- Interpretive routes and trails

- Panoramic views 

- Camping area

- Rest area

- Bird hide

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Birdwatching points of interest

- Sant Joan de Penyagolosa Sanctuary

- Barranc de la Pegunta

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The center will be closed on the following days: January 1 and 6 and December 24, 25 and 31.

Parque Natural del Penyagolosa

Open location

Centro de Interpretación del PN - 964 76 08 38
Centro de Interpretación "La Casa Forestal" (Situada detrás del ermitorio de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa), 12135 Vistabella del Maestrat (Castellón)