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"Pilarica-Sierra de Callosa" Municipal Nature Reserve

Callosa de Segura


"Pilarica-Sierra de Callosa" Municipal Nature Reserve is located in the town of Callosa de Segura (Alicante) and has an area of 143.44 ha. The most characteristic element of this landscape is the Sierra de Callosa, an impressive limestone mass that rises to a height of 578 m in the middle of an extensive plain.

This natural space is home to different environments giving it great uniqueness. Its orography and rocky composition, plus the dryness of the climate and its geographical location close to the sea, have formed a very rough relief with large slopes mainly from erosion. 

The birds are its most outstanding fauna. There are different birds of prey on the highest cliffs, the nesting site of some of the most important species including the Bonelli’s eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl and peregrine falcon.

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Main species

Residents: Bonelli’s eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, peregrine falcon, common kestrel, black wheatear, long-eared owl, Eurasian sparrowhawk, great grey shrike, trumpeter finch, Sardinian warbler, blue rock thrush, Eurasian hoopoe and European green woodpecker.

Summer: European roller, European bee-eater, dauric swallow and spotted flycatcher.

Winter: Eurasian siskin, long-tailed tit and common chiffchaff.

Itinerary and observation points

There are different ways to reach this nature reserve: If you go by the A-7, take exit 79 (Granja, Cox, Callosa) to CV-900 to Callosa de Segura and if you go by the AP-7, take exit 733, (Catral, Callosa) to CV-913 and onto CV 900. In both cases you must take Avda. Ciudad Jardín toward Redován, and from there you must follow the signs to the Aula de Naturaleza (Nature Classroom) of Cueva Ahumada Nature Reserve.

The itinerary starts in the Nature Classroom and travels along the entire southern slope of Sierra de Callosa. As we begin this route, we can observe horn-shaped areas, home of exotic species such as the trumpeter finch, European bee-eater or European roller (1) and we can often see the peregrine falcon, Bonelli’s eagle, common kestrel and even the Eurasian eagle-owl in flight.

If we continue the itinerary along the path, we will cross areas of pine trees of great grey shrikes, European green woodpeckers, Eurasian sparrowhawks and long-eared owls (2 and 3).  To end our route, we will stop at the rest area located at the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Salud (Our Lady of Good Health) (4), since we can contemplate rock-dwelling species such as the Bonelli’s eagle, blue rock thrush or black wheatear in the Sierra de Redován Nature Reserve. This reserve has other routes but they present steep inclines and are therefore, not recommended for the general public.

Accommodation and restaurant

Restaurants and accommodations can be found in the town of Callosa de Segura.  The Nature Classroom of Cueva Ahumada also has bungalows and a camping area.

Other nearby places

"Sierra de Redován" Municipal Nature Reserve is adjacent to this reserve, with an ecosystem and species identical to those described above.

Paraje Natural Municipal La Pilarica - Sierra de Callosa

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Dirección: Plaza Reina Sofía 6 - 03360 Callosa de Segura, Alicante
Tourist Info Callosa de Segura - 966 19 84 51