Grassland areas

Zepa Moratillas, Almela and Els Alforins



This nature reserve consists of two protected areas that have been classified as special protection areas for birds, located around the towns of Almansa and Caudete and the area of Vall dels Alforins. Its environment is characterised by a grassland habitat where birds of special interest and relevance live. 

In the Sierra de Moratillas, you will find an old camp with a forest farm or “caserón”, a camping area and recreation area. It is an enclave that has been converted into a 7.9 ha micro reserve. It boasts areas where you can make paellas, benches with wooden picnic tables and the entire reserve is full of pine trees, Holm oaks and ash, as well as some monumental strawberry trees. The reserve is home to up to 8 different habitats recognised as areas of special interest and flora and fauna micro reserves.

As soon as we enter the area of Els Aforins, the landscape transforms into a sea of vineyard crops, wheat and olive trees creating a triangle-shaped valley located between the towns of Fontanars dels Alforins, Moixent and La Font de la Figuera. It is one of the most charming places inland in the province of Valencia, an experience that will create everlasting memories for those who visit. The variety of colours in the countryside dotted with century-old farmhouses, multi-award winning wines, the important Iberian city of La Bastida de Les Alcusses and inland cuisine make this place such a unique location, reminiscent of the landscapes of Tuscany, but with its own particular beauty and idiosyncrasies.

Main species

Residents: Golden eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, Eurasian stone-curlew, Thekla's lark, booted eagle, calandra lark, black wheatear, black-bellied sandgrouse, pin-tailed sandgrouse, great bustard and little bustard. 

Summer: Greater short-toed lark, European nightjar and short-toed snake eagle.

Winter: Peregrine falcon and lesser kestrel.

Recommended seasons

All year.

ZEPA Moratillas, Almela y els Alforins

Open location

Calle Poeta Gabriel Vila 7,  CP 46640 Moixent

Tourist Info Moixent: 690115083